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mischer ´traxler

The Austrian Designer-Duo "mischer ´traxler" developed the lamp series Relumine for the exhibition „Bulb Fiction“ (2010) at the Gallery Klaus Engelhorn in Vienna (Austria). Each lamp consists of two different discarded lamp designs, which are newly lacquered, adapted with newer technology and are now connected by a fluorescent tube. Together these two lamps now need less energy than each of one before. The new creations represent ironical approaches to the formal consequences of the light bulb ban in the EU area but are also pointing out the benefit of saving energy by using new light technology as well.

Relume is an edition of 30 unique pieces + 3 AP

designed  2011
built  2011
manufacturer  Mischer´Traxler, Austria
D x H  180 x 190 cm
materials  various parts of discarded lamps, electronic, glass tube, sandblasted