Schalentier Nr. 18

Konrad Friedel

The Austrian designer Konrad Friedel developed the idea of his spherically looking lamp series “SCHALENTIERE” during his work with different metal components for light objects. While exploring new design forms, Friedel found the inspiration for his „Schalentiere” in the offcuts of hollow metal balls in form of caps as well as circular segments. By combining these offcuts in a manual process, Friedel creates new sculptural forms. The complex manual process, which includes the precise welding seams, the manual bronzed steel and the lacquering in turn inspires the form of each unique design.


designed  2014
built  2014
manufacturer  Konrad Friedel, Kleinneusiedl, Austria
W x D x H  134 x 37 x 55 cm
materials  bronzed steel, synthetic resin lacquer