Banch "Sheaves" (willow)

Steven Banken

Old Biesbosch crafts return with the seasons. Reed is cut down in winter and bundled as furniture piece for summer. After the season the sheaves fall apart. Returned into nature, as compost for new Willow and reed.
In the past National Park ‘Biesbosch’ was a pristine natural area for material supply. Workers stayed for weeks in the ‘Biesbosch’ during wintertime to cut down reeds and willows. These reed and willows can be bundled again. A minimal intervention brings sheaves back in it’s landscape as a furniture piece for summer.

Reed and willow that remains spread by water and wind through the Biesbosch. This waste is important for wildlife as substate, nesting material or floating island. The reed bench is a seasonal product that behaves with the old nature and crafts rhythm.

materials  willow, steel