Konrad Friedel


Konrad Friedel was born in Scheibbs (Austria) 1981. He is a trained cabinetmaker who works in a free artistic way with different materials, such as metal and wood. His lamps, presented at RAUMINHALT, combine precise manual production with sculptural and functional impact. As a craftsman, Friedel finds his inspiration in the examination of different materials, their features, colours, surface and formability.

Friedel developed the idea of his spherically looking lamp series “SCHALENTIERE” during his work with different metal components for light objects. While exploring new design forms, Friedel found the inspiration for his „Schalentiere” in the offcuts of hollow metal balls in form of caps as well as circular segments. By combining these offcuts in a manual process, Friedel creates new sculptural forms. The complex manual process, which includes the precise welding seams, the manual bronzed steel and the lacquering in turn inspires the form of each unique design.

Exhibitions (selection):

• 2009 Blickfang, Vienna
• 2010 Galerie Song, Vienna”
• 2011 frieze art-fair London (installation for muntean / rosenblum), London
• 2011 11/nullnull, "verhüttelungen" (solo-exhibition), Vienna
• 2012 Galerie Kargl – fine arts, Vienna
• 2012 team – gallery, New York.
• 2013 Galerie Lust, "Lichtfaltungen" (solo exhibition)
• 2014 ICFF, New York
• 2014 Konrad Friedel, Schalentiere, Madero, Salzburg (solo exhibition)
• 2014 Art and Antique, Vienna
• 2014 Konrad Friedel, Schalentiere, harald bichler_rauminhalt, Vienna (solo exhibition)