Gisela Stiegler


University of Applied Arts, Vienna University of Fine Arts, Vienna Photography study program, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

State scholarship for photography Ar;st in Residency:
Rom, Paris, London

in Vienna, Miland, London Paris, México City, Berlin, Rom..
Galerie Ruberl, Vienna‚
Blind Date‘, Hipphalle/Gmunden
Marion Friedmann Gallery, London
Gallery Rauminhalt_Harald Bichler, Vienna

„The direct encounter with these bizarre creations makes the viewer insecure. With an appealing unaffectedness, they demand direct engagement – in the in-between, in a Grauzone where a work of art borders on the scope of other categories like interior design, furniture or everyday objects, only to reject it vigorously; in the complex relativity of surface area and space; the dialectic contradictoriness of the constantly countered minimalism; this subversive complexity, this sometimes ironic, sometimes mischievous ambiguity, results in an insistent puzzlement and fascination.”
(Margareta Sandhofer, extract 2015)