Alexandra Pruscha


Her focus lies on various different techniques such as weaving, screen printing and block printing.
She believes the world of colors to be a nourishing element of our personal environments.
Her vision is to explore the language of colors, to create unique color combinations, which strike a balance between harmony and change, thus opening up new windows to the color spaces we have become accustomed to.
She defines her work as woven color fields which can be seen both as art on a wall and as a part of one’s personal environment. 
She believe that color fields have the power to enhance our environments and create a special atmosphere that enables us to keep alive the defining moments in our lives.
Her work goes back to color sketches of natural and cultural scenery or color memories. Each of her work pieces are to be viewed as the individual pages of a ‘travel color diary’, and amount to a sharing of the myriad color experiences associated with environments around the world.
Her work thrives on the sheer diversity and individualism of different cultures, while simultaneously moving within the context of European contemporary art.

1987 Feminale Gegenüber , Werkstätten und Kulturhaus Vienna, Austria 1988 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,
1990 Residence Gallery- New York, USA
1991 Academy Tours,Vienna , Austria
1992 Communication Palais Ferstel,Viennna, Austria 1993 Spiegelsprung, Vienna, Austria
1993 Group Exhibition private collection Vienna, Austria 1993 Group Exhibition- Winchester, UK
1994 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria
1995 Kick off, Vienna, Austria
1996 Contemporary Art and Design Mumbai, INDIA
1996 Textile-Art Schüttkasten Primmersdorf, Austria
1997 Altes Schloss Burgenland, Austria
1998 Event Baza Textile Art Presentation of the first limited Edition 1999 Event Baza Textile Art Presentation of the second limited Edition 2000 Exhibition Indian Posterpainters at the MAK Vienna, Austria 2001 Event Baza Textile Art Presentation of the third limited Edition 2003 Dreamland 300 Years St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
2004 Group Exhibition Graz, Austria
2004 3rd international Fiber Art Biennale Shanghai , CHINA
2005 La Spazia, Galeria Bresciani, Italy
2006 Architecture Center Innsbruck, Austria
2007 Exhibition –Privat Collection Bangalore, INDIA